terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2005

Rapó tacho

Dear friends,
From this day on I will start to write my posts in English!
And I will send copy to all Portuguese Ministers, members of the Government, so that they all can see that I understand this language.
Someone just told me, at the pub, in between a glass of wine or two, that is "conditio sine qua non" (see, I can also write some words in latin!!!!) for you boys to get a job in London, at the Portuguese Embassy!
I most confess that I don´t believe it (it's impossible!!!!), but, as you say wisely in Portugal, where there's smoke there's also fire, so I want to try and get drunk in style out of this country!
I'm available at any time and hour.
Yours, sincerely and drunked to the medula spinal,
Hic Hic Hurra

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